Turn a windsurfboard, sup, canoe, or kayak into a rowing rig!
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Rowing on a Mistral Competition Superlight with the drop-on RowSurfer
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Rowing with the RowSurfer on the inflatable Mistral M1 Race SUP

The RowSurfer Travel Package

Do you want to be able to row anywhere and anytime you want to? Don't have enough space to store or transport that big board or those long oars? Then the RowSurfer Travel Package is the solution: rowing on an inflatable board with dividable oars!

Inflatable board?

Inflatable boards are the latest thing in SUP boarding, the so-called iSUP boards. By using modern materials and innovative construction methods, inflatable boards can be produced that are incredibly stiff and strong. When deflated, these boards can be rolled up small enough to be stuffed in a handy bag or backpack. Once you arrive at your chosen launch spot, the board can be inflated easily and will immediately be ready for use.

The inflatable Mistral M1 Race SUP Provided accessories for the inflatabale Mistral M1 Race SUP Dividable sculling oars

Example: The inflatable Mistral M1 Race

One of the better inflatable boards is the Mistral M1 Race iSUP. This board is available in two versions, a 12.6' and a 14':

12.6' 14'
Length 385 cm 427 cm
Width 75 cm 70 cm
Weight 11 kg 12,6 kg
Volume 245 liter 290 liter

The RowSurfer together with our dividable oars and the inflatable Mistral M1 Race offers an ideal combination to be able to row wherever and whenever you want. It now even becomes possible to take the combination with you on board of a commercial airplane flight to your favorite holiday destination!

Set offer

We offer a RowSurfer Travel Package consisting of:

Rowing with the RowSurfer on the inflatable Mistral M1 Race SUP
Mounting kit
Dividable oars
inflatable SUP

On this package you receive a 5% discount on the set price, see also here. For orders or inquiries please contact us at

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