Turn a windsurfboard, sup, canoe, or kayak into a rowing rig!
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Rowing on a Mistral Competition Superlight with the drop-on RowSurfer
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RowSurfer Set offer


Standard RowSurfer The base price for a RowSurfer is 595,- (excl. VAT and shipping). Next to the RowSurfer you will need a suitable canoe, kayak, sailboard, or sup board, the appropriate mounting kit, and a pair of oars. Several extra options and accessories are available for the RowSurfer, see below.
Only once in a while we have used or demo-models available for sale at reduced prices. Mail to to enquire about the current availability


Standard recreational sculling oars
We produce a standard set of oars for the RowSurfer (see Oars). The price for such a pair of oars is 210,- (excl. VAT and shipping).
New: Dividable sculling oars
Next to the standard sculling oars in one piece, we now also offer dividable oars. Very convenient in transportation, and particularly suited for use in our travel package. The price for a pair of dividable oars is 240,- (excl. VAT and shipping).
For the more competitive rower, we can supply you with a pair of new oars from other oar producers. Pricing for these oars start at about 400,- per pair. In addition, we stock several used oars suitable for the RowSurfer. Prices start from about 100,- for a pair of good usable oars. Please contact us at to hear what is available. We can also recondition any oars that you might already own, or supply the spare parts needed for reconditioning.


Used sailboards on stock for the RowSurfer We always stock a number of used boards suitable for the RowSurfer, in particular old-school sailboards from the end of the 70's, 80's and early 90's. The RowSurfer can be mounted on these using the tie-down, daggerboard casing, or insert kits. Prices start from about 50,- for a good usable board. Please contact us at to hear what is available. We also can supply most of the spare parts needed to recondition any boards you might have.
Next to used windsurfboards, we also often have used or demo SUP boards available, in particular of the 12'.6", 14', and unlimited classes, like the Naish Glide and Javelin, Starboard K15, etc.

We also supply new boards for the RowSurfer, both windsurfboards and sup-boards. The market for these boards is quite dynamic, and specific models can have a short lead time. Below is a small selection of possible boards (see also here), provided are still available. Please contact us at for up-to-date information about available boards.

Board Image Description
Aqua Design 12/376 Entry-level sup board made of virtually indestructable polyethylene. Available in several colors.
Mistral M1 Race High-end race board by Mistral. Very stiff, light, and fast. Incredible as rowing shell. Available in two different lengths.
Mistral M1 Race iSUP High-end inflatable race board by Mistral. Very convenient to bring along and be able to row wherever you want. See also our travel package. Available in two different lengths.

Canoes and Kayaks

Used canoes and kayaks We can supply you with a new canoe or kayak for the RowSurfer, both for single and for dual rowing set-ups. These canoes and kayaks are especially selected to use with one or two RowSurfers. They come equipped with mounting points to quickly mount or dismount one or two RowSurfers, and can still be used as normal canoes/kayaks. Below is a small selection of possible canoes and kayaks (see also here). Please contact us at for an up-to-date list of available kayaks and canoes.

Canoe/Kayak Image Description
Eagle Speurder 460 Two-person canoe suitable for one RowSurfer with or without a passenger.
Eagle Family 500 Three person canoe suitable for one (with or without passenger) or two RowSurfers.
Exo Augh-Family 460
Three person canoe made of polyethylene. Suitable for one RowSurfer with or without a passenger.
Eagle Duo Tour 460 Two-person touring kayak made out of polyesther. With a slight modification very suitable for a single RowSurfer.
Perception Prodigy 14.5 Two-person touring kayak made out of polyethylene. Suitable for a single RowSurfer.

We also often have used canoes and kayaks for sale. These canoes and kayaks are also selected on their suitability for the RowSurfer, and come with mounting points for one or two RowSurfers. The canoes/kayaks can still be used as normal canoes/kayaks. Prices for used canoes start at around 200,- and for used kayaks around 150,-. Please contact us at to hear what is available.

Complete Sets

When you purchase a complete new set, i.e. a RowSurfer, mounting kit, oars and a board, canoe, or kayak, we offer a discount of 5% on the setprice. This also applies to our travel package, see here.
Below are two examples of complete sets and the applied discount:

Set 1 Price in * Set 2 Price in *
RowSurfer standard 595,00 RowSurfer anodized 655,00
Tie-down mounting kit 65,00 Mountingkit 50,00
Standard oars 210,00 Standard oars 210,00
SUP 329,00 Canoe 575,00
Total 1199,00 Total 1500,00
Discount 59,95 Discount 75,00
Special offer 1139,05 Special offer 1425,00
*Add 21% VAT within the EU

Shipping Costs

We are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We can ship world-wide, or you can pick up your order locally on appointment. Shipping costs will of course depend on the size and weight of your order. Here are some guidelines on the shipping costs of a RowSurfer:

Countries Shipping cost in *
Netherlands 15,00
Europe 25,00-55,00
World from 100,00
Packing charge 10,00
*Add 21% VAT within the EU

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