Turn a windsurfboard, sup, canoe, or kayak into a rowing rig!
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Rowing on a Mistral Competition Superlight with the drop-on RowSurfer
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Example sculling oars for the RowSurfer


The RowSurfer comes without oars. However, we also supply suitable rowing oars. On the RowSurfer, standard sculling oars are used. For recreational purposes we produce and sell a nice set of oars with the following specifications:

Standard recreational sculling oars Wooden handles for a comfortable grip Standard adjustable sleeves and collars Blade made of virtually indestructable high-density polyethylene

NEW: Dividable oars

New: Dividable sculling oars
Next to the standard sculling oars as described above, we now also offer dividable oars. The specifications of these oars are about equal to the oars described above, only that these oars are now dividable into separate parts. Very convenient for transportation, and of course ideal for the use in our new travel package, see here.

Used sculling oars on stock If desired, we can also deliver new oars from other, known manufacturers. These however, are pretty expensive. Therefore, we stock a number of used sculling oars from other manufacturers both in wood and in epoxy/carbon. Please contact us at to enquire what is currently available.

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