Turn a windsurfboard, sup, canoe, or kayak into a rowing rig!
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Rowing on a Mistral Competition Superlight with the drop-on RowSurfer
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The RowSurfer drop-in/drop-on rowing unit with folded riggers

RowSurfer Features

The RowSurfer has several remarkable features. Besides the most obvious one, the sliding rigger concept, several other features like its folding riggers, mounting options, and adjustability, make the RowSurfer a versatile and unique drop-in/drop-on rowing unit. Below you will find a summary of some of these features.

Mounting Options


Several adjustments can be made to the RowSurfer to fine tune the set-up: oarlock height and angle, foot stretcher angle and position, seat angle, and mounting feet and/or mounting beam height.

Transport and Storage

De RowSurfer with folded riggers The RowSurfer can be easily prepared for transport and storage. First of all, the riggers of the RowSurfer can be folded in to reduce the width of the RowSurfer. By loosening the center bolt the riggers come free to be rotated inwards. Secondly, the complete sliding rigger structure can be removed from the base frame by removing the two bottom wheels. Loosen the center bolts of the wheels and remove them. Now you can lift the complete sliding rigger structure from its base frame. The base frame can be left attached to the board, canoe, or kayak during transportation or storage.

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