Turn a windsurfboard, sup, canoe, or kayak into a rowing rig!
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Rowing on a Mistral Competition Superlight with the drop-on RowSurfer
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Rowing in a canoe with the RowSurfer Rowing on a Mistral Competition Superlight with the RowSurfer

Description of the RowSurfer

The RowSurfer is a unique device that lets you turn your windsurfboard, sup, canoe, or kayak into a rowing shell. The RowSurfer is fun, lightweight yet sturdy, easy to use, and above all affordable.
Conventional rowing shells are equipped with a sliding seat. Using such a system on a shell of limited length causes the shell to show a strong rocking motion when rowing because of the rower´s weight shifting back and forth. The RowSurfer however, is equipped with a sliding rigger system in stead of a sliding seat. This virtually eliminates the rocking motion and allows the system to be used on surfboards and canoes that have a relatively short waterline.
The two figures below illustrate the concept. On the left the sliding rigger concept is depicted. The center of mass stays roughly in the same position, allowing for a steady hull. On the right the sliding seat concept is depicted. The body and thus the mass moves back and forth over the board, causing the hull to rock back and forth.

Sliding rigger Sliding seat
Rowing with rolling riggers Rowing with rolling seat

The rolling riggers of the RowSurfer

The sliding rigger of the RowSurfer
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The base material of the RowSurfer is aluminum. This makes the RowSurfer light-weight but sturdy. The sliding rigger rolls on hard-anodized aluminum rails using POM and PU wheels. This ensures smooth and light rigger transport.

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